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However, in doing so, they can transform this underdeveloped area into a strength that will last as long as the relationship. Still trying to balance what I’ve gone through to what he’s going through more.

Put things in my life on the back burner to understand what he’s going through but try to deal with things on my own cuz he doesn’t totally understand, too focused on what he’s dealing with. Get frustrated and both lash out at the smallest comment.

It builds a connection between the two of you and increases the sense of security and trust in the relationship.

A person with a low EQ often misinterprets their partner’s emotions or actions.

If I had asked him what he was feeling at that moment, guaranteed he would’ve said “nothing.” Increasing emotional intelligence is empowering and leads to successful navigations in a person’s professional and personal life.

Communicating emotions is an important developmental part of a relationship.

For example, my husband and I used to have rational disagreements until I began to prove my point.

Once he knew I was going to be right his eyes would squint and his jaw would get tighter and his tone a little crisper.

You have to be in tune with their emotions and know how to deal with the effect they are having on you.

When you react to another person’s emotions rather than recognize them, you lose the ability to manage yourself.

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