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If you have conditions you live by within yourself, you will never see the point of this, nor will you ever believe that it is possible to find a relationship that truly is possible to obtain this.

Without making this something that is hard to follow, let’s talk about a mother and son bond….

This bond is cemented in conception the first moments of hearing the heartbeat in an doctors office only give anyone outside the mother the experience that it truly is.

Now for the men that are reading this post; this is where you miss place the true essence of something very magical.

I respect that this can be known as a phenomena that states all conditions are removed and that you are in a blissful relationship.

This became so far from the truth in our connection I decided to write something that speaks to ones soul as to what this adventure is and what the truth is as it pertains to Unconditional love, soul mates, and twin flames.

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