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She pumped up and down, twisting at his tender balls. He was twisting his hips about, lifting his cock to her, fucking his mother's soft hand, up and down, ready to explode and gush hot cum juice out of his young balls. " Jeanne whispered mindlessly, her hand rotating fast and vigorously up and down her son's cock.She made soft sounds, hissing and cooing and sobbing. "Please...oh, please shoot your hot fuck juice for mommy darling!Bobby removed his fist from his dick, watching his mother with unbelieving eyes.His cock was standing throbbing straight up from his crotch.He lifted his hips, pushing his cock upward as he moaned with pleasure.Jeanne's eyes gleamed with heat, showing her excitement. " Bobby didn't know what his mother wanted done, nor did he care.The lips of her Pussy felt ready to rip the seams of her jeans, her clitoris excitingly smashed there. Her right fist darted about her son's cock, a thrill coursed through her when she saw she couldn't get her hand all the way around it, her left cupping his swollen balls. She held them tight and began to jack on his cock, her fist very tight and rotating to cover the full circumference of his gigantic member.

Jeanne's legs trembled and she slowly dropped to her knees, her eyes staring hungrily at her son's prick and dangling balls.Jeanne stopped the movements of her hands when she reached her son's crotch.The tips of her fingers were very, very close to his balls and cock, and she could feel the intense heat from them. Bobby was sitting on the edge of his bed, jacking off frantically, his eyes glazed and unseeing, seemingly staring at the head of his swollen cock. The feeling of orgasm seemed to boil between her thighs again, stronger than ever. It was an obsession for him and she was worried sick about her eighteen-year-old son. It wasn't natural to jack off as much as he seemed to be. She saw his fist going up and down on his throbbing hard-on, his young balls swinging back and forth, his legs very wide.

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