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His films are critically-acclaimed and often draw the biggest-named actors as a cast. But he allegedly has a long, dark history of abuse that everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about. Related: Hollywood’s most famous director never casts women in leads. After that, on the set of 2004’s , which starred Jude Law, Dustin Hoffman and Mark Wahlberg, the director allegedly verbally and physically abused actress Lily Tomlin.As part of the recent Sony email hacks, messages between journalist Jonathan Alter to Sony Entertainment CEO and chair Michael Lynton were leaked which show the pair discussing Russell’s behaviour on the set of“Are you guys doing anything else with him? Waldo, my buddy, one of the boys, grabbed me by the waist to get me to let go of him. The abuse was caught on camera and leaked to the press. It’s an odd duck, Silver Linings, and Russell fully knows it. When we manage to get a flow going, we’re mainly talking about Silver Linings Playbook, the bipolar romantic comedy that’s bagged a surprising eight Oscar nominations, including Best Director for Russell, for the second time after 2010’s The Fighter.If these allegations are true, we need to call him what he is – an abuser, a confessed molester and a violent human being . Because no matter how great he is at making movies, if these allegations are true, nothing he does will excuse his behaviour. The 1970s-set crime comedy ‘American Hustle’ is 55-year-old director David O Russell’s seventh feature and stars Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence as four larger-than-life characters caught up in a hugely entertaining East Coast con-artist yarn that’s heavy on wisecracks, costumes and music.You learn things, you have conversations that are useful. That’s where I’m from and that’s what I know and love, and I have a very specific memory of that period, just from my own parents – they were middle-class and they had a dignity about them and there was a formality to it. I think you should know in your heart what you want to say, and if you get to say it, good for you.You can talk to each other, help each other, I like it.’What were the new challenges for you with ‘American Hustle’, compared to your other films? To me, it was not a sleazy era, it was an era that had formality and some kind of old-fashioned glamour to it, regardless of your class. If not, good for you, you got to participate.’ It’s a love story, oddly affecting in its cold-heartedness, between two falsely confident tricksters: Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) is alternately wooed and wound up by slippery Sydney (a fierce Amy Adams), as his garish Jersey-girl wife Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) watches from the sidelines.

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” That’s what makes me excited to watch any movie.’This is the third time you’ve been Oscar-nominated, following on from ‘The Fighter’ and ‘Silver Linings Playbook’. There are fantastic, powerful motion pictures out there, all very different.’ Is it even reasonable to compare these films? ‘It’s strange, they’re different worlds, but that’s the highway of cinema. It’s nice not to just live in your own universe all the time.We called Russell at home in Los Angeles on the day he heard the news about the Oscar nominations. I wrote to everybody the night before and said thank you.’You emailed your cast? Then you wake up and don’t know what’s going to happen, and if it’s something nice, that’s a great blessing.Congratulations on your film’s ten Oscar nominations. ‘Well, I’m ecstatic and very happy for my actors and all my people. The actors took gigantic risks in this movie and to have them acknowledged in an extremely competitive year is not a small matter.’It’s the second year in a row that four actors from your film have been nominated in all four Oscars acting categories. ‘We build the characters, and I write the characters for them. I’d also say that I put an enormous amount of love into the characters. I’d never say “The Fighter” was just a boxing movie or that “Silver Linings Playbook” was a romantic comedy – I’m making movies about people from the feet up.[Pause] Sorry, excuse me, I have a three-year-old here swinging a big ten-foot stick knocking shit over. Sorry.’Were you up at dawn to hear the nominations? Also, I have a rhythm of the film and characters that’s in my head that I share with them. It’s very hard for me to say goodbye to them.’The word I’ve most heard associated with ‘American Hustle’ is fun. For me, sometimes that’s going to be fun and sometimes that’s going to be really fucked up.It’s going to be all those different things, and there are going to be uncomfortable scenes too, as there are in “American Hustle”.

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