Deceit online dating

Finally, online daters may unintentionally misrepresent themselves due to the limits of their own self-knowledge.

We call this the “foggy mirror” effect, in which individuals represent themselves in ways that may not correspond with how others see them due to blind spots in their self-concept (Exhibit A: shirtless bathroom selfies).

The way they are dressed, physical objects they are carrying (such as a book), and the type of location where you meet may tell you about their background and interests.

You can read their body language and facial expressions to gauge their mood and how they feel about you.

It has also been likened to a “promise” of a desired future self and users justify making claims (such as “I work out regularly”) that may not be true now, so long as they be true in the future when they actually meet their future date.Norms have shifted as people have become more comfortable meeting others online and prefer to meet up more quickly, without extensive screening as in the past.While the average user profile for traditional sites tended to be either single professionals who were too busy to meet people in their daily lives or divorced people in their 40s or 50s looking to get back into the dating scene, mobile apps have involved younger generations of users in their teens and early 20s.A lot has changed in the online dating world since the early days.Traditional sites like and e Harmony required users to create extensive profiles in which they disclosed a great deal of personal information, including not just their physical appearance but their religious and political views, income, drinking and smoking habits, and whether or not they had — or wanted — children.

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