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The online dating scene can be exciting, overwhelming, and also annoying.However, it can truly be WORTH THE HASSLE if you end up finding your ideal match!Marriage is a partnership, kind of like a business. When signing a business contract, one looks at the individual’s track record, their ability to get the job done, their profitability and the list goes on. There is no point of working so hard to further ourselves only to be dragged down. Come to this introduction class to learn the 5 Keys to Successful Online Romance; increasing your potential to find exactly what you are looking for!This workshop will look at the realm of online dating from a Holistic approach; highlighting the use of the Law of Attraction, citing important self-awareness’s, and sharing priceless relationship and communication guidance.

If your local council concludes you have deliberately reduced your assets to avoid paying care home fees, they may still calculate your fees as if you still owned the assets.

An article by Jayne Embree, a divorce coach, says that an average marriage in Canada lasts 13.7 years.

Global news published an article on January 2016 that indicates that Canada’s divorce rate is 48% . The rate of divorce however, has not increased since the 1980s.

When committing to another person we tie our lives to theirs. I strongly feel that it is important to be very deliberate about the value we place on ourselves as women in the dating market. Our society looks at dating as this fun dance where we make each other happy.

We buy into the idea of fate, destiny and happily ever after.

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