Did ranbir kapoor dating katrina kaif

On the other hand, Salman and Katrina parted ways in a hush-hush manner.In an interview, Ranbir confessed that he had cheated in a relationship, "Yes, I've cheated, out of immaturity, out of inexperience, out of taking advantage of certain temptations, out of callousness.Katrina had said, "He is an extremely important person in my life. A fan soon posted another version of the same image where Katrina could be seen.Rumours then started buzzing that Neetu hates Katrina!The two who dated each other for approximately seven years, parted ways in 2016.Katrina who has remained single since then has significantly changed a lot. 'Ok fineit [the break-up] sucks, it's terrible, this is the worst thing in the world, my life is over. We are all trying to work and achieve, in spite of our fears and insecurities.

But honestly, I am in a very good place both personally and professionally so no issues whatsoever,” she added.

The latter, starring Shah Rukh Khan as the main man, could not even cross the Rs 100 crore-mark.

Ranbir Kapoor asks father Mahesh Bhatt for his daughter Alia Bhatt's hand?

Ranbir Kapoor broke a million hearts last week when he finally announced that he is dating Katrina Kaif and the couple plans to get hitched sometime next year.

Reports suggest that Ranbir and Katrina might get engaged within a month.

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