Disabled tv dating

Even the terminology used by media outlets like newspapers contributes to this idea.

I often read stories describing disabled individuals “inspirational,” “brave” and “courageous.” The focus is often on the person’s impairment rather than the individual.

This means that the person with a disability was viewed as sick and needed to be cured in order to function and even be happy.

Most of us have seen or heard of shows and movies where characters that are blind or use a wheelchair are miraculously cured, and they then live happily ever after.

Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft give viewers an accurate portrayal of the struggles and triumphs Helen and Annie face at the beginning of their student-teacher relationship.

“The Miracle Worker” is based on the true story of blind and deaf activist Helen Keller and her teacher Annie Sullivan.

While exaggerated, negative depictions send the wrong message, Positive and realistic portrayals will help create more awareness and opportunity for all people with disabilities.

The following are just some of the depictions I have seen in the media.

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