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We may suspend profiles that do not follow our rules and regulations, without any justification.This happens only with members who have gross negligent behaviour towards our general terms.Profile images containing "full-frontal nudity" and of a pornographic nature are not permitted.It is not allowed to publish your whole name or phone number, and we recommend withholding personal and information when contacting other users of the Website until you are comfortable with them. Website members are not screened by the site operator and all meetings are made at your own risk.Use of a false identity is strictly prohibited; you will not create an account that misrepresents your personal identity.You will not create an account for someone other than yourself; this is considered assuming a false identity.Some banks and credit or debit card issuers may charge you an international processing fee.

Previously banned members of the Website are not allowed to return to the Website, and are not allowed to create an account; you will not create a new account if you have been banned from the Website.Examples include misuse of copyright, bad manners, racism and harassment.Please note that this is a Website with user generated content.In these cases we will send a warning email about the change to the affected profiles.We reserve the right to suspend profiles that do not follow our rules, without any justification or notice.

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