Entourage stuck and updating message list

We largely faced troubles regarding unresponsiveness and data loss from email client.The Entourage refuses to open at all and Every time we opened Entourage we get the error warning about the limited size being near and it stops responding.And then hit Advance Settings to apply more settings before Microsoft Entourage to Outlook migration.

When you send a message, Postbox sends it in the background by placing it in the Unsent/Outbox folder before sending it out.Make sure your signature does not contain images that reside behind a firewall or VPN If you've attached an image to your signature like a company logo, make sure that it is not behind a firewall or VPN, and that the link to this image can be publicly accessible.Try loading the image at home when not connected to a VPN.Selective Mail Migration Facility The program offers the users with an alternative for migrating the desired data from Mac Entourage to MS Outlook.All the users need to do is just provide the desired date filter of the Entourage Mails which are required to be imported in Outlook.

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