Entp female dating

Also in their problem-solving, they are much more likely to depend on their ingenuity and spontaneous inspiration rather than a good deal of planning and preparation.

Among other activities which are equally likely to engage ENTPs are competitive sports, computer games, adventure travel and cultural events.

If you are overly critical or find too many faults with your ENTP lover, it is possible that they will drift away from this relationship to one which is more pleasant and accommodating.

The best part of their desire to engage with people and circumstances around them is that they do it without evaluating others on a moral scale.So if you are stuck indoors on a rainy evening, bring out your chess board and challenge your ENTP to a game.Jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles and conundrums are especially enjoyable activities for ENTPs which satisfy their need for critical analysis as well as their love of verbal ingenuity.This is the general theory but should by no means discourage from dating any type based on MBTI theory alone.Romantic chemistry involves a lot more than what the MBTI could account for.

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