Erotic dating simulation games

From dating Pigeons in Hatoful Boyfriend to Sharks in err…Shark Dating Simulator XL, it seems there is a game out there to cater to just about any fetish, but if you haven’t found yours yet, then strap yourself in and join me as I list off (in no particular order) some upcoming bizarre dating simulators!

Starting things off fairly normally, Love Esquire is a fantasy based dating simulator, you control a hero (well a lowly squire actually, who is thrust into battle to become a hero), who must woo a harem of ladies, while fighting a war, the reason it makes the list is that the game contains full RPG turn based battles in between the visual novel/dating simulator aspects, another atypical aspect in Love Esquire, is that the girls don’t just fall into the main characters lap (at least metaphorically speaking), so you’ll actually have to work if you want to be seen as more than a mere squire in their eyes, it also has a fairly prestigious lineup of Voice Actors announced, and a nameable main character….although I doubt the Voice Actors will say the name, it would be fun to hear them pronounce Hthupdkgupxl, maybe next time.

So there we have it, 7 (at the time of this article) upcoming dating simulators, to play out your fantasies, or maybe even give you some new ones, which one sounds most appealing to you?

Do you think the Pen is mightier than the Sword and lean toward The Office Type over Boyfriend Dungeon, or perhaps you want to see what the Judges have on under their robes in Supreme Courtship?

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These interactions are also with the machine, contributing to the formation of “techno-intimacy” (Allison 2006) and opening up possibilities of “becoming” with a technological “companion species” (Haraway 2003).Saving the most controversial for last, SPDS places you as a 19 year old American girl, who happens to be an undercover CIA agent, and is tasked with infiltrating ISIS, and it seems their horrific acts of terrorism have given them rock (or Iraq?) hard abs, the game is supposed to be a satire, lampooning dating simulators with over the top characters, descriptions and dialogue, deflating the terror of ISIS and exploring female sexuality, some lofty goals, time will tell if any or all succeed, the only thing we know for sure now though, is that it’s a bizarre idea for a dating simulator.While banned you will be able to see your bookshelf and read purchased items, but you will be unable to access the store or purchase any new items.Dating simulators have been around for a long time, since gaming was once seen as a place the socially awkward would turn to, in favour of real life connections, it was only natural for some bright spark to come along and say, hey this is something I want, so there must be plenty of other lonely people out there who want it too, but now that the stigma has faded and misconceptions have started to be corrected, the market for Dating Simulators is not only still going, it’s going crazy!

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