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The first initzialation could take some time - up to two hours. Use the following procedure to install via group policy: 1. Use Orca to edit the i Gateway_40_win32 MSI Property table Set ADDLOCAL = i Gateway, Spin Set CMDLINE = ITM Set INO_ICFFILE = P:\CAe Trust ITM8\inoc6Set PRODUCT = ITM Shortcuts table Remove all shortcuts Use Orca to edit the e Trust ITM MSI Property table Set Agree To License = Yes Set INO_ICFFILE = P:\CAe Trust ITM8\inoc6Set PRODUCT = ITM Shortcuts table Remove all shortcuts Modify INOC6. [Content Update] Server=itmadminserver Server Port=42511 Protocol=2 [License] Host Server=itmadminserver Silent Install msiexec /I "i Gateway_40_win32.msi" /qb msiexec /I "e Trust ITM.msi" /qb Another way to install Etrust 8.1 without using Orca- I installed the remote installer onto our AV management server. From there, I copied the files in the c:\Program Files\CA\e Trust ITM\Ino Remote\Image\Client folder onto our network install share. If not, these might be created when one remote install is performed.msiexec /i "e Trust ITM.msi" TRANSFORM=1033PRODUCT=ITM INO_ICFFILE="\server\inoc6.icf" /qb! we have to install the i Gateway with "i Gateway and Spin". we install e Trust ITM in english with our modified ICF Reboot the client. INI does not looked like it is being used anymore - setting have been moved into the INOC6. The CA e Trust ITM Admin Server must be setup first in order to create an file to copy into your e Trust ITM Administrative share so that it can be "found". It installed on top of manually installed Etrust 7.x and 8.0 with no problems.After that the discovery of the server will find the client, register the licence and push the updates. Create the Administrative share (P:\CAe Trust ITM8) by copying the following files: 1. CA provide an MSI for e Trust 8 but if you try to run it unmodified it just fails with a message that it can only be installed through Version 7.1 worked fine rolling out with GPO but the new version seems to have taken a step backwards with regards to GPO install compatibility.

4) Create a transform (MST) file for the Common\Bin\Win32\Client\i Gateway_40_win32package.Copy the install files off the CD to a network share.There is an updated version of the i Gateway component that you should download and use to replace the i Gateway_40_win32off the CD: Run the Remote Installer and create a ICF files with the settings you need for your environment. Your license can be found at C:\Program Files\CA\Shared Components\Subscription License 4. There are a few things to check for (thanks to the prior posts for pointing me in the right direction): Under [Install Component]- Reboot=2 (Causes the OS to reboot after the installation completes) Show Save Setting Dialog=0 Ino Pop3=1 (If you use POP3 like we do) Under [License]- Host Server= Under [Post Action]- App1=50comupd /q:a App Dir1=.The most important setting is the [Phone Home] section. Replace i Gateway_40_win32with the downloaded version. (The dots point the installer to the folder the msi is in) App2=1033_App Dir2=. App4= App Dir4= Now that the hard stuff is done, create a new GPO. Select the i Gateway msi and pick "Advanced" on the next window. Next add a new package for the e Trust_ITM msi and add the 1033file to the modifications tab.

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