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Side note: If you use the bot id depicted in the page you will spam an empty chat room so not worth the effort Go to and sign in to the workspace the bot will be in If you don't have one for your league already, create a new League Channel Next we will setup the bot for Slack Go to Name the app, and choose the intended workspace from the dropdown. This page is important as you will need the "Webhook URL" on this page.Log into or create a discord account Go to or create a discord server to receive messages in Open the server settings Go to Webhooks Create a webhook, give it a name and pick which channel to receive messages in Save the "Webhook URL" on this page Heroku is what we will be using to host the chat bot (for free) You should not need to enter credit card information for this hosting service for our needs.I keep getting the init message Remove your init message and it will stop.The init message is really for first setup to ensure it is working. Specify your variable Is there a version of this for Messenger/Whats App/[insert other chat]?Full source of the calculations can be seen here: Is there a version of this for Yahoo/CBS/NFL/[insert other site]?No, this would require a significant rework for other sites.Works with Direct X 11 and 64bit Intelligent Combat Movement with AOE Evade Fully Integrated 2D / 3D Radar Map-Click-Teleport Map-Click-Navigation Teleport-Gathering Automated Companion Summoning Automatically Equips Best Items Party-Grinding Automated Stealth Fleeing on low HPEats Food for XP Bonus Disable Rendering Option to Improve your FPSCustom Skill Manager Profiles And Much More!

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Now we will need to edit these variables (click the pencil to the right of the variable to modify) Note: App will restart when you change any variable so your chat room may be semi-spammed with the init message of "Hi" you can change the INIT_MSG variable to be blank to have no init message.You may run out of free hours without a credit card linked.If you decide to link your credit card you will have enough free hours for the month for a single application since this more than doubles your available hours.For private league you will need to get your swid and espn_s2.You can find these two values after logging into your espn fantasy football account on espn's website.

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