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As you get stronger (and tighter), do more reps and hold each one longer." data-reactid="50"If a trip to Paris for this purpose isn’t in the budget, become your own trainer.First, locate the muscles in question by stopping the flow of urine when you pee.She suggests a water-based or glycerin lubricant—and a visit to A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center at Sexuality If you’re not yet in the hot flash phase, look at your meds.Check out the Lubricant Comparison Chart; the sampler package (just for eight-plus lubes) is a steal." data-reactid="51"It’s like the Sahara down there—no matter how turned on I get. Antihistamines can dry up your vag along with your nose."Hot tub chemicals, caffeine, and even stress can promote vaginal dryness, too,” says Mintz.

Here’s how to do Kegels in 3 simple steps.) Do 5 to 10 Kegels daily, contracting those muscles 2 to 4 seconds at a time before relaxing. You need an adequate amount of this hormone to maintain vaginal lubrication, and that’s when levels naturally decline.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find yours via Google Maps anytime soon.

That’s because, according to Brizendine, the G-spot “isn’t an organ, it’s an anatomical area, and not only does it vary greatly in exact location from woman to woman, it’s much more defined in some than in others.”If you want to go in search of yours, keep in mind that self-exploration isn’t the surest route.

Kerner’s book is designed to boost a guy’s “sexual clitoracy.” “Most guys are utterly i-clitorate,” says Kerner, a New York City-based sex therapist. You’re working muscles to make them taut, in this case the muscles of your pelvic floor, including your vagina.

"There are clinics in France for this express purpose—what they call a reeducation perineale,” says Brizendine.

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