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Verse: I get up in order, in order 2 hear you scream.

And when I turned around didn't like what I've seen.

Let’s have a look at some hidden Skype options which will save you a lot of time and make your communication more productive or cheerful. Almost every new software version brings some new pieces to the set.

However, there are some emoticons which Skype developers will hardly ever make visible on the palette, because they refer to bad language or habits, some seasonal notions or just duplicate already visible smileys.

If you noticed a typo in you last message just after hitting the Enter button, you may click the Up arrow and the message will appear back in the edit box.

Make the changes and hit Send message to resend the edited version.

BEAM: Real-Time chat line that is private to the Kids. GODZILLA: Computer owned by Deeder that is tricked out and optimized for detecting and destroying flus and cancers. PLAYDOUGH: The money you need to spend to be online.

Here are some of them published on the official Skype website: Here are others which still exist but not declared anywhere officially: Try also the following shortcuts: (bandit), (heidy), (headbang), (rock), (lalala), (tumbleweed), (wfh) and you’ll see these emoticons: Instant messaging is still the key Skype’s functionality.The software doesn’t provide too much text customization on the surface.However, if you dig deeper, you’ll be able to do much more while texting on Skype. Now hit the Change font button and customize it to your preference.12.10am Cathy Davey 10.45pm Touts 9.20pm The Wha 7.55pm The Scratch 6.30pm Cooks But We’re Chefs 5.15pm Autre Monde 4.35pm Sinéad O’Brien 3.30pm Jinx Lennon 2.20pm Bicurious 1.10pm State Lights Noon Galway Street Club Midnight-2am Sideshow disco/“End of the World party”/The Kilo 1977 11pm Very loud special guests 9.40pm Ajo Arkestra 8.20pm Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow Band and An Emotional Fish 7.20pm Kid Karate 6.20pm Somebody’s Child 5.20pm The Pale 4.30pm Black Bank Folk 3.40pm Classic Yellow 2.50pm Clare Sands 2pm Wolff 1.10pm Lilac 12.20pm Sparkle 11.20am Wobbly Circus workshop 12.30-1.30am Trenchuria 11.10pm TPM 9.50pm Loosysmokes 8.25pm pr Ymary colours 7.10pm Strange Attractor 5.55pm Junk Kouture 4.40pm Dublin Gospel Choir 3.25pm Ojo 2.15pm Underscore Orkestra 1.05pm Trinitones and Dublin Ukelele Collective 12.25pm In Between Honey 11.45am Opal Lights 8.30pm N-Trance 6pm Smash Hits 2pm Mr Motivator 11pm-midnight Kölsch 9.30pm Fjaak (Live) 8pm Rebüke 6.30pm Eve Midnight-3.30am Closing party 9pm Disrupt 8pm Kiruu 7pm jarjarjr 5.50pm Special guest 4.30pm Speak EATsy: A People’s Dialogue 3.50pm Nib Zz 3pm Zamo Riffman 2pm Airbourne Sphinge 2am Cian Finn 12.50am Stevie G x Hot Sauce Dance Crew featuring Celaviedmai x Kellzy Boy 11.30pm Natty Wailer 10pm Keltic Possee featuring Lavosti 8.40pm The Skalps 7pm The Clandestinos 5.30pm Skazoo Allstars 4.45pm Bevin Rimson 2.30pm Jon Pierce 10pm The Electric Caravan 8pm DJ Wally/Phil One/Black MC 6pm DJ Kali 4pm Selective Sounds 2pm DJ Slick Normal Noon Oi Oi Sound 10pm Treasure Beach Collective 8pm Jay Sharp 5pm 3 Little Birds 3pm DJ Dodgy 1pm One World Sound 11am DJ Will Softly x DJ Slick Normal 9am Sibh C 5.30-9pm Special guest musical performances 4.30pm Humanology: Our Amazing Existence – Prof Luke O’Neill in conversation with Dr Niamh Shaw 3.30pm Our Fragile Selves: Sinéad Gleeson (Constellations) and Emilie Pine (Notes to Self) discuss the inspiration behind their breathtaking essay collections with the comedian and activist Tara Flynn 2.30pm Paul Howard/Ross O’Carroll-Kelly’s South Dublin Guide to Electric Picnic, with David Mc Williams 1.30pm The World’s Worst Book Launch: Dr Günther Grun (of the Deutsche Bundesbank) and Saul Tillock (a first-time mystery novelist with a poor grasp of the form) fumble their way through a painful evening.Brought to you by the comedians Barry Murphy and Paul Tylak.

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