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A good tag line will result in more users clicking on your profile and perhaps even requesting a meeting as a result. Humor lets other users know that you are entertaining and fun to be with.

It is also much more impressive than simply stating that you are “entertaining and fun.” Examples of this would be "Good catch seeks fisherman" or "I'm a sheep in wolve's clothing".

Maybe during that photo, you were actually making a statement — maybe that was a day you were flipping off injustice, or flipping off people who are mean to puppies. Think about your most positive and compelling traits and showcase them in order to be among the best Tinder taglines for guys (see above example).

The above is one of my favorite Tinder taglines because the guy not only talks about what his favorite sports team is but also mentions that he likes to play rugby and work out.

When you make your Tinder taglines personal instead of generic, you capture attention and set yourself apart from the competition.

Insert a quote from your favorite book or movie as your tag line. Use the type of tag line that you would be most likely to find attractive in order to attract similar personality types.

If other users recognize your quote, they will be more likely to click on your profile. By putting yourself in an objective light, you may be able to come up with a much better assessment of your personality than simply referring to yourself as a “nice person.” You could be a "sound investment" or "more reasonable than the competition." Turn the tables on yourself. Browse other user’s tag lines to get an idea of what words and phrases are overused and what information to avoid.

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