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Will, Simon, Jay and Neil get kicked out of the house by Sophie and spend the rest of the night in Simon's car.

While they were driving home the following morning, Simon receives a text from Tara ordering him "never to contact her again", thus ending their relationship. She was In a relationship with Simon Cooper From Season 3 Episode 2 - The Gig and The Girlfriend To Season 3 Episode 4 A Trip to Warwick • Hannah Tointon, the actress who portrays Tara, is the real life wife of Joe Thomas, who plays Simon.

Tara is in the year below the four main characters and becomes a love interest for Simon Cooper, although she is not accepted by the other three boys, and is frequently annoyed when she thinks she is going to be alone with Simon and the other three appear.

When she is mentioned by Simon, Jay and Neil make a beeping noise as a Tara update.

If you are a man, you’re a bit of a fool, and a sense of humour is a way of taking responsibility for your own awkwardness and patheticness." Since leaving the show, Joe has gone on to star in Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat, while Hannah's TV credits include Midsummer Murders and Mr Selfridge.

Though the English actress Hannah Tointon is still struggling she already collected a large fan base in the industry. In those eight years of dating affairs, the duo never broke the news of beaks ups and extra affairs.

The two do kiss and touch each other (Simon touches her breasts, she touches his penis), but she has to stop to be sick everywhere again and rush off to the toilets.

She doesn't make it and is sick again, but Will rushes over in panic at the drugs.

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Everyone has had a mate like cheeky Jay Cartwright.Ever the enthusiast, Will intends to make the best of a bad fist. Despite the twin handicaps of being the new kid and being a bit posh, through dogged determination (and a bit of stalking) Will eventually makes friends with Simon, Jay and Neil, who if anything are a little more tragic than him. Unfortunately, Will also makes enemies in Mr Gilbert, his psychotic head of year, and Mark Donovan, the sixth form nutter. Despite being coerced into looking after Will when he first arrived at school, Simon has warmed to him - mainly because he's the only kid in school who doesn't call him 'boner', a name he earned after developing an unwanted erection in the sixth form common room.His efforts are immediately scuppered by the head of sixth who makes him wear a bright green badge that proclaims "Hi I'm Will. He sees Will as more on his level than his other mates.Will has no such hesitation in pulling Jay's claims to pieces though, and the two quickly become verbal sparring partners.Neil Sutherland is a boy for whom the phrase 'in a world of his own' was invented.

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