Hindu dating rules

If one of the parties is a citizen of another country like USA, UK or other, the registrar may request a no objection letter from the Embassy or Consulate of that country, and also may request proof of termination of any previous marriages, before a marriage certificate will be issued. The Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 is applicable to Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists.A religious marriage which has already been solemnized can be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.This is not the case with Islam, islam is extremely strict in rules and punishments.there are many basic ideological and philosophical difference in Islam and Hinduism. Every religion has a set of rules which should be followed by the follower of that religion, but dharma is about living your own way of life.The documents required for registering a marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act are as follows: Verification of all the documents is carried out on the date of application and a day is fixed and communicated to the parties for registration.On the said day, both parties, along with a Gazetted Officer who attended their marriage, need to be present before the SDM.Hinduism isn't really a rules based religion, not like there are a "ten commandments" or anything like that.

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In India, a religious marriage ceremony is considered a legal marriage.

Truthfulness (satyam) Purity (shaucham) Compassion (dayā) & Nirvana (Liberation). It is entirely based on the Vedas, Upanishads and other sacred scriptures.

Hinduism is not a religion but is a mentality the religion is Santana Dharma evolution of life and civlization and society led to a common rules that became for sophisticated with time and led to Hinduism. Hinduism is the religion of Non violence and Dharma (righteous living) Artha (material prosperity) Kāma (enjoyment) Moksha (liberation) , everyone must be respected in Hinduism, whether be of other faiths or religion.

you can live your life as your wish and find your own path to god.

The holy books of hinduism and islam are totally different.

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