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But My Space's most unlikely character may be its conservative new owner: Rupert Murdoch.And even on My Space, a haven for shameless voluptuaries, Jackson stands out.His profile page is plastered with photographs of him out on the town in a series of increasingly preposterous getups, like a walking outtake, accompanied by one busty woman after another—some of his 1,818 “friends.” His name assaults you in an oversize pink-and-black font that could have been ripped from a Def Leppard album cover. He meets me at the door of Sutra clad in a designer camouflage-pants-and-jacket number, a handcuff awash in gold and bling on one wrist and a watch with a giant fake-gold dollar sign covering its face on the other.With its infinitely customizable profile pages, like interactive headshots in some central-casting department of life, My Space has become essential to its users’ notions of themselves and their tribes.It is where they concoct alternative personas and download new friends, most of whom they know only online, like so many new MP3s or JPEGs.

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