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"Well it sounds like contestant number two Is just over-flowing with sensitivity, Sharon It's a touch choice so far Sharon, let's have your last question and See which one is going to win the rights to your neden" "Okay, if we were at a dance club, and you both noticed me at the same time.

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It's dinner time, we hearing grace from your mother I pull a forty out and pour some for your little brother I'm steady staring at your sister, I'll tell you this You know for only 13, she got some big tits After that, your dad will try to jump again And only this time, I'd put the forty to his chin After you mom does the dishes and the silverware I'd dry-f*ck her till I nut in my underwear "Now, let's me contestant number two He's a psychopathic, deranged, crackhead freak Who works for the Dark Carnival He says women call him stretch nuts Sharon, let's hear your question" "I like a man who's not afraid to show his true emotions A man who expresses himself in his own special way Number two, if you fell in love with me Exactly how would you let me know?- Martin_Canine Von Salat Schrumpft Der Bizeps - Kollegah & Majoe Kollegah and Majoe are two rappers known for their masculinity and their on stage gangster personas.On April 1st, this song was uploaded on Kollegah's official You Tube channel, which had the two hip hoppers rapping over a volksmusik inspired accordion beat, along two older Bavarian ladies wearing traditional costumes.[Shaggy 2 Dope] F*ck that, you'd be jocking me quick I'd order you a drink and stir it with my dick And then to get your attention in the crowded place I'd simply walk up and stick my nuts in your face [Violent J] Yeah, freak with your nuts, yo, that'll get her [Shaggy 2 Dope] Tell her that's she fat, yeah, that'll work even better [Violent J] Look, f*ck you, I got a strong rap Shit, you don't want contestant number two He's mad-whack [Violent J] I walk into a bar and there he was Standing up by a bucket, eww, trying to f*ck it It was a big f*cking smelly, ass farm llama [Shaggy 2 Dope] Damn dawg! Amish Paradise - Weird Al Yankovic Yes Weird Al's parody of Coolio's heartfelt ghetto prayer "Gangster's Paradise" is a ridiculous and goofy portrayal of Amish life - which is far from boring, cause tonight they gonna party like it's 1699.

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