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I love 'intelligent' women, my ex was like that, I could talk to her about cool stuff like the renaissance, roman empire, ancient greece and sumer, without getting her bored.

She was quite intelligent on various topics and had a certain degree of curiosity.

That's when you pull down their pants and spank their bottom blue.

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I'm thinking I'm going to have to go after some renown classical pianist or some right leaning brain surgeon if I ever want to settle down - I really can't stand women and their brainless chatter.Intelligence in a woman is incidental, not fundamental. i have only meet a handful of men who can hold a discussion or argumentation objectively and intelligently. For intelligent discussion I suggest you look for it somewhere else than a partner or wife, they have an other purpose.I have absolutely meet intelligent women but they can sadly not keep up with an intelligent man. Young Blade's HEMA Datasheet Tabletop Role-playing Games Barefoot walking (earthing) datasheet Occult/Wicca/Pagan Girls Datasheet Havamal 77 Cows die, family die, you will die the same way.This is the woman feeding your kids and driving them around.You want her to be as minimally stupid as possible.

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