Internet dating advice for men top 10 questions for speed dating

When a man signed up for an online dating website, the first thing he does is scrolling through women’s profiles without paying attention to his own profile.Men should understand that in order to attract women’s attention, they should present themselves accurately and make the first impression positive. You will learn how to make your online presence stand out from the crowd.At the same time, too long profiles are tiring to read.

Do not forget that women will compare you to your friend. Women are tired to see men’s profiles where they write that they love traveling and good music. But do you often meet people who traveled all around the world, who take theater classes, or who volunteer in animal’s shelter?The fact that you can add these pictures does not mean that you have to use all the space. We recommend you to post the last picture, which corresponds to your interests. Once she likes the way you look, you will need to start a conversation.Online dating websites and other social media networks are not the same. Also, you should not spam your profile with pictures of beautiful landscapes or your lifestyle. Such photos will help you start sharing your interests and hobbies.Because when a woman only uploads ONE photo of herself for the entire planet to see, off course she’ll upload the most stunning photo of herself she can find, probably the best one ever made if she wants to meet a man. Think about it: if you can only fire one shot at the enemy when you’re at war, off course you’ll fire the most state of the art assault rifle you can find and not a near zero result musket that shoots blanks.A woman will upload a photo that shows her from the best angle. It means she can only DISAPPOINT in real life, because in real life, sooner or later the world WON’T show her from the best angle possible.

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