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Even though our life is made up of the people around us, writing a dating profile is about you, not them.

Everything that you mention in your profile should be there to inform the reader about you.

Find a happy medium and you’ll attract dates who understand your responsibilities but also want to get to know you for your personality, sense of humour and values.

This applies to both your personal ad and any messages you exchange with matches.

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Remember your profile is about Make sure you’re coming across as an interesting person who potential matches could have fun and try new things with, and not just a mother or a father.

You might not have as much time as non-parents to indulge in hobbies, but everyone has something that helps them relax once the kids have gone to bed.

Don’t try to ham anything up too much though as white lies will become obvious quite quickly if you meet.

Writing your single parent dating profile is a tricky – but absolutely essential – task!

The best dating site profiles highlight your personality and dating goals whilst also giving your potential dates an easy way to message you.

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