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Federal law prohibits most boycotts or picketing directed at a party not involved in the primary dispute.These tactics are known as secondary boycotts or secondary picketing, and they are strictly limited so that businesses that are innocent bystanders will not become victims in a labor dispute that they cannot resolve.

In addition, even if they do not have a union, employees can properly agree to stop working as a group; in that case they are entitled to all the protections that organized strikers are afforded.

An unfair labor practice strike is called to protest some act of the employer that the employees regard as unfair.

Over the years different types of labor strikes have acquired distinctive labels.

In economic strikes, however, the employer is not required to take back the strikers immediately upon the settlement of the dispute.

Economic strikers are still categorized as employees and are entitled to reinstatement in the event vacancies occur, but the employer does not have to reinstate any worker who has found substantially equivalent work elsewhere or who has given the employer a legitimate and substantial reason for not reinstating that worker. labor unions have been unsuccessful in persuading Congress to amend the National Labor Relations Act to provide immediate job reinstatement to economic strikers.

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