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Long story short — Nelly was no longer able to buy Ashanti’s story about Chink.

And if the stories about Chink were true, how many others were as well?

People STAY projecting THEIR wants, requirements & whatnots on everyone else, wtf? People move to their own yours..mine...them live. he isn't going to settle down until he finds a chick he really loves, she demands respect & monogomy, and he WANTS to give her that.

shes pretty but shes dumb..jay and beyonce could get away with that secret relationship thing in the past because they are both bosses. That's why he's not with babymomma cuz she refused to deal with the bullshyt. I bet he'll put a ring on it after she saved his life.

For years Nelly has been hearing rumors that Ashanti was sleeping around, but he didn’t want to believe the rumors.

Woman Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Kill A Man By Fire Who Stood Her Up » #Disneyland Fight Brawlers Catch Assault & Battery Charges, Facing Jail Time» WHOA!But for the longest time Cornell chose to disregard rumors that Shanti had been passed around amongst rappers like Jay-Z and Nas as well as among lesser known producers, like Chink Santana.From what we hear — Ashanti’s new duet with Keyshia Cole “Woman To Woman” rang a little too true to his ears.If you ain't down with being one of many, Nelly ain't messin' with. Of course Juanita Bynum slept with women...these ministers and their first ladies are just as corrupt as anyone else in the world. First of all we don't know if she has a ring or not, hell they couldve been gotten married but just doesnt want the public in their business.Poor Ashanti either believes he will change his mind at some point and choose her or she doesn't give a f*$k. So, she doesn't claim him either, what does that make him. I think Nelly and Ashanti will get married one day. As soon as they confirm it everybody and their grandmother will have a bunch of negative shit to say... If it was like back in the day sure but nowadays theirs facebook, twitter, instagram... So if they are together great for them I hope they keep it out of the public's eye forever.

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