Is courtney cox dating jennifer anniston

Without giving away too much of my private stuff, all I can say is she's been there for me through thick and thin." reported that Cox was the last guest to leave at around 3 a.m., trailing Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel. The pals had dinner together in February at the Sunset Tower Hotel, one of Jen's go-to spots, just days before she and Theroux revealed that they were separated.And about two weeks later, Aniston was spotted leaving Cox's house one evening after a more private catch-up.The onscreen couples of the group (Perry and Cox, Aniston and Schimmwer) admitted they hadn't seen each other in a few months, but Aniston and Cox seemed as if they'd just come from lunch.And the group's overall electricity switched right back on upon reuniting as they recalled the emotional agony of shooting that the last episode together.Of all her friends, Aniston leaned on Cox "the most" in the wake of the split, a source told E!News in February."Courteney's been at her house many times, and has been by her side through it all...But that could change for Aniston, 's source suggests. "The support she has had from women in her life has truly helped her move on and upward and, with lots of encouragement from friends, she finally has started dating," the source said."Lisa [Kudrow] and Courteney [Cox] and Jen are really close and have encouraged her to date and get out there." Aniston spoke to , for sure," she said in the profile released today.

There was comfort in numbers there, so we all held each other up. They are friends and have supported each other through some tough times.

Then again, they may have actually meant every word of it, too."I think it was unspoken but we instinctively felt like we need to be friends, we need get along, we need to connect," Lisa Kudrow (she's totally still a friend too, for the record), recalled on NBC's "We communicate well, we have a great time at rehearsal," Aniston told Couric thoughtfully in 1994, "and it's just the entire combination makes it jell." Added Matt Le Blanc, also quite thoughtfully, "It's pretty amazing, I mean I think we're all really sort of taken aback by it because to us, down here, we're all just sort of a theater group...

We're a really tight ensemble, we get along really well.

When was getting ready to sign off, the gang gathered on the set with Oprah for another group interview in November 2003, where Cox predicted that Aniston would cry after the final scene was shot—and Aniston started tearing up right there accordingly.

A few months after the wrap party, a very pregnant Cox joined Aniston, Kudrow, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry met again with Oprah, an empty chair waiting for Le Blanc, who was speeding over from the set of the close-to-forgotten spinoff.

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