Is gerard butler dating anyone

One of Jennifer’s friends said: “They have been talking non-stop.

She isn’t going to rush headlong into a new romance right away but she’s really touched Gerard is doing everything he can to console her.

The source added: “Most of the time, there were 2,800 miles between them.

Her friend said there was no chance of a reunion between Hollywood’s former Golden Couple: “That’s never going to happen and there are six little reasons why: Brad’s children with Angelina Jolie."There’s so much bad blood between them that Angelina would hit the roof and it could make Brad’s life extremely difficult during their divorce settlement if she suspected he’d so much as introduced the kids to Jen during a visit.“Brad loves his children dearly and he’s not going to let anyone come between them if doing so would create custody problems and expose them to negative and invasive publicity.” Action hero Butler has never married, but the Paisley-born actor, 48, has been dating American interior designer Morgan Brown on and off for almost three years.Plus, even if they’re engaged, there’s no guarantee that Gerard and Morgan will even make it down the aisle. Are Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Morgan Brown engaged, and will they stay engaged?Or will Hollywood come in the way of another happily ever after, resulting in an almost-inevitable breakup between the two?Crazier things have happened, and this is Hollywood, so yes – we believe it.But at the same time, there’s no guarantee that Gerard Butler will ever announce that he’s engaged, in which case everything remains speculation.

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