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His specialties include real estate law, tax law, and mining and minerals law. It would be nearly impossible to live in Lemhi County and not become interested in the outdoors. Walker and Grace were no exception, and succumbed to the lure of the mountains and streams of Lemhi County where Grace would observe wild flowers while C. He also enjoyed fishing in Williams Lake and the Salmon River, with his son, Fred, and later his grandson, Michael.

He is widely recognized as an authority on mining law and he became the attorney for Calera Mining Company who developed and operated the Blackbird Mine at Cobalt for many years. He was instrumental in organizing the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Board and served as its attorney for many years. Walker's interest in mining lead to many family outings in the beautiful mountains of Lemhi County, including the Bitterroots.

After graduation, Fred and Diana returned to Salmon where Fred followed in his father's footsteps and entered the practice of law. Annie's ancestors include George Littleton, member of the English House of Lords and Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Diana taught school in Salmon and was active in various civic organizations. It was he who advised William Penn to take land from the Crown and establish Pennsylvania Colony.

She is a member of the Colorado Volleyball Association, playing in several leagues and achieving the status of a tournament player. I Baled Hay and Grain Constantly on Hand j Good Saddle . In 1950 she came to Salmon and taught twenty-eight years in Salmon public schools. Annie has been a lifetime member of the Anglican Communion of the Episcopal Church.

In 1990, Jeanne moved to Irvine, California, where she is associated with a national accounting firm as a manager specializing in health care cost reimbursement. She was confirmed in Woodside, Maryland by Bishop Daniel S. Other organizations she belonged to include a life membership in Hugh Duncan Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star.

He is authorized to practice before State and Federal Courts in Idaho and the U. Weekends and vacations were often with the whole family trekking off to the surrounding mountains and valleys where they combined recreation with performing assessment work on the various family mining claims. every day having coffee at either the Smoke House of the Three B's Cafe where they cussed and discussed fishing, mining, politics and numerous other facts of life. Walker did not often talk much about his friendship and affection for his coffee buddies, they became very important in his life.

This gave them, not only wonderful family outings in this pristine countryside, but also a basic knowledge of Lemhi County and its mining resources. Walker has interests in mining claims at Leesburg, Cobalt, Gibbonsville, Indian Creek, the Pope Shenon mine and in Yellow Jacket. (Bill) Hammer and Clay Merritt jointly owned a plane called the "Red Dog", and together operated the Salmon Flying Service for many years, selling Stinson and Aeronca airplanes. He suffered a real sense of loss when they were no longer able to have coffee because they either moved away from Salmon or went on to a higher reward. Walker and his friend Walt Harris, were partners in the IGA stores in Salmon and American Falls for many years.

Fred and Diana maintain homes in Boise and Pocatello where Diana is presently an agent for Farm Bureau Insurance and very active in many civic organizations. Annie has loved Idaho in general, and Salmon in particular, for over forty years. — Jean Marchand Thomas Leona Lish Mackey Thomas George Mackey was born January 15,1919 in Salmon, Idaho, the son of Thomas Jesse and Evelyn (Eva) Smith Mackey. His father worked at Patterson, Idaho and Tommy spent a lot of his summertime visiting there and working off and on at the mine and the local ranches.

His fascination with mining ultimately lead to an interest in flying, the better to survey the mining country. They survived numerous trips to Leadore, Armstead, Dillon and Challis and flying over and through the mighty mountain ranges surrounding the Lemhi country, whose capricious air currents have bested many a good flier. They also built and ran the IGA Foodliner at Cobalt until the mine closed. Walker and Grace are very proud of the accomplishments of their two children, Frederick C. Both Fred and Jeanne graduated from Salmon High School with honors.

A well known fact of life in Salmon was that one could always find C. Bill Hammer, Clay Merritt, Milt Havemann, Larry Mc Givney. Fred went on to study at the University of Idaho, graduating in 1964 with degrees in Business and Law.

Michael is a communications and graphic arts major also at the University of Idaho and will enter the advertising field upon graduation in 1992. I oo ' j TIMOTHY DORE | '^h ^ ^ MATHEWSON k DORE f PROPRIETORS OF THE j ^ 0ITY bl VBRY ^ :-:• - .-. Leona Belle Lish was the daughter of Everett and Iris Blanchard Lish, born October 19, 1921 at Cedar Hill, Idaho.

Jeanne's daughter, Wendy, is a freshman at the University of Northern Colorado, majoring in child psychology. She was only a baby when her parents came by wagon to the Pahsimeroi Valley.

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