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Ironically, Abel told Zane Lowe at Beats 1 that "Can't Feel My Face" was the fastest song he wrote for the album.that the phrase, which means "long live life," was taken from a painting by Frida Kahlo.We're pretty sure if DJs heard an English-language version, lines like "Want you to show my mouth/ Your favorite places/ Let me trespass your danger zones/ Until I make you scream and you forget your last name" wouldn't be allowed on air.'s release, the final role Paul filmed before dying in a car accident.

Whether it's Taylor Swift purposefully trying to make her songs vague enough that people will hop off her d*ck or a deeper, hidden meaning in Billie Eilish's latest hit, you might not know your favorite song as well as you think you do.The pair never dated, but casually kept in touch enough for Delilah to platonically attend the 2008 Grammys with the band.Still, this makes the song a little less "Photograph" and a little more "Creep." Hot 100 and both Ireland and UK Singles's top ten because it's such a fan favorite.Again, we won't go into details, but points out that definition was added three months after "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)" was released on an unsuspecting public.Soulja himself did an interview with Vlad TV where he explained it ~can't~ mean that because there is no actual hoe and goes on to demonstrate that in slang, to "[something] that hoe" is to hit some dance move.

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    Shocked, the rest of the gods, animals, and inanimate objects all take vows not to harm Balder--with the exception of two beings--the evil god Loki and the lowly mistletoe plant, which was still too young to make legally-binding vows.

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