Issues with dating a recovering alcoholic

As part of recovery you have to face your fears head-on which has helped me build up my self-esteem and learn to be honest.

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People certainly can recover from being alcoholics – I have seen it and I can tell you that it’s entirely possible he’ll handle it too.Sober dating saves you an absolute packet, too: typically, I’d wake up after a date and fish countless receipts out of my pocket, knowing I’d p*ssed a lot of money up the wall, and spent even more on the crazy golf round I’d booked in an attempt to be ‘fun’.Dates now set me back the cost of a few coffees, which means that if I wanted to, I could go on more.Covering everything from mating, dating and procreating to lust and loss, we’ll be looking at what love is and how to find it in the present day.Apparently when you’ve found the one, you ‘just know’ – and I thought I knew – but clearly, given I’m single again at 33, hindsight would beg to differ.

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