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The bolt-on neck means it's a Dinky; the Soloist is a neck-through design.It's a pretty guitar, I've been wanting a Floyd equipped shredder like that myself lately.Jackson Guitars started off providing quality American-made heavy metal guitars to popular artists, headlined by Randy Rhoads. no dinky were 24.75 and no fusions 24.75 guitars were reverse head stocks.Now under Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, they continue to offer rock and metal friendly guitars at various price points. if you go to the jackson website and look at the catalog scans for 1996 you can find your guitar.I traded an ESP LTD MH-53 that had floyd rose issues and a buzzing JB SH-4 and got more value out of it than the guy should have given me, so I was able to get a beautiful purple Jackson for about 0 used, but the only identifier it had was "Jackson Dinky, Purple." No year, no specific model number, etc.Ive tried finding the same one on the internet to no avail, so can you guys help? SPECS: -Likely an import -Maple neck (very thin) -Bound rosewood fingerboard with MOP shark fin style inlays -24 frets -Licensed floyd rose made by jackson, looks similar to an Edge trem -Brushed metal parts -HSS with duncan designed PUPs PICTURES: Gallery on Imgur With "Duncan Designed" pickups, I think "import" is a lock.The Duncan Designed pickups weren't offered until '96.One odd thing is the lack of writing, besides the Jackson logo, on the headstock and/or truss rod cover making the neck a bit of an anomaly.

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Alternately, it may be a limited run for a music store or a prototype model. changes around the time it was assembled, you may never know. I'm not a big jackson junkie, but that seems to make a lot of sense, and looking at the pictures it seems right.Their website features their complete product catalog, including custom shop options and more. the serial # on the back of the headstock is IWJ1200027. ita a JACKSON neckthru with the newer headstock, quilted maple top in red hi you have a 1996 jackson dr5. I have just acquired another Jackson soloist SL1 (my 4th!You can also build your own customized metal guitar or bass via the Custom Select page. ) I am puzzled by the serial number stamped on the neck in the usual place. I have only seen SNs with J followed by 4 numbers, not 5.just want to know where it was made and what year it is thanks I have a Jackson Professional Dinky STD. I have not been able to look online and even Find one like this guitar. I've been looking for a few years and not being able to find out a price. The head stock reads Jackson Professional and the Nut cover says Dinky STD. I found one close but it did not read Professional on the head stock.

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