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As the year ended, Lana's feelings for Clark returned.

Lana and Clark discovered an abandoned baby in the cornfield and took him back to the Kent Farm, where they bonded over the foundling, whom Clark named "Evan." After Evan died, they reminisced about their time with him.

Lana got captured and was taken to Jason and Lex only to be possessed again by Isobel.

After having fought Clark for possession of the stone, Lana reverted to her true self and Jason managed to sneak the Crystal of Air to Smallville without Clark and Lex noticing.

Isobel once again possessed Lana, and stabbed and killed Genevieve with the Crystal of Air.

After Isobel went dormant within her, Lana was given refuge by Lex.

Then Lana started to feel that she could be with Clark after all.

When she was attacked by Genevieve Teague, who figured out that Lana had one of the Stones of Power.

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Lana tried to give her virginity to Jason as a show of loyalty, but he refused.

After talking with Lex, Lana managed to live in the Talon apartment and soon was joined by Jason who followed her from Paris to be with her.

Lana and Jason continued their relationship in Smallville, keeping it a secret because of Jason's job as the high school assistant football coach.

Lex got Lana into a helicopter: as they took off, Lana and the pilot dodged the falling meteors.

However, one struck the tail of the helicopter and they plummeted to the ground.

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