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Tony Romo married former Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford on May 28th, 2011.Jessica Simpson is an American singer and media personality.As reality TV fans know, Simpson’s married life has been previously marketed – successfully, I might add – when the songstress wed Nick Lachey who himself is engaged to Vanessa Minnillo, former host of MTV’s TRL. Nobody is announcing a new television venture yet, so let’s see if we can help this along.Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey broke ground with Newlyweds, setting off a procession of stalkervision reality shows designed to invite we the viewers into the dysfunctional lives of the celebrities.

For Simpson, it would be the hanging question of where here sensibilities have gone since Newlyweds where she was often depicted as, well, kind of annoying and immature. Week after week, Newlyweds brought overtures of ‘Poor Nick’ from audiences around the globe – is this his chance at true love? Neither of these ideas are ambitious enough, though.Nick playing the nice-guy he is, just trying to ignore the overshadowing impetuousness of his ex. Jon's writing has appeared on Crave Online, Buddy TV, and numerous other online publications.He is a charter member of the Broadcast Television Journalist's Associations (BTJA), the organization behind the Critic's Choice Awards.The article reports that Johnson split from his wife earlier this year, filing for divorce in February.Jessica and Eric began dating in May, but have only recently made themselves 'an item'.

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