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It marked the first time he has posted a picture of her.

In his post, he also quoted comments believed to be the words of the late Mother Theresa.

We've seen Holly get up to some radgie antics on Geordie Shore, so it was natural for one fan to wonder how Jacob feels about her "crazy past." "It's never something that's even been mentioned tbh.

He's so laid back, nothing really bothers him," Holly revealed.

She also posted a picture of Hollie with her sisters and pals raising a glass of champers to see in the moment.

Jess also sent her well-wishes, and added: "Could not be happier for these two ❤️ my brother josh you're so special to me & Hollie too, I love you both so much.

Geordie Shore babe Holly Hagan has opened up about her plans to start a family with her footballer boyf, Jacob Blyth.

Professional footballer Josh and his other half Hollie Kane are currently on holiday with pals in Dubai, and it was during the trip that Josh got down on one knee and proposed.

According to the American Idol highlights, Ledet was studying criminal justice at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

On his American Idol contestant page he notes his mother influences his musical style and he has had no formal singing training.

A fan asked the lass where she sees herself in five years, and she replied: "In my dream house with my boyfriend and our babies." So in just five years, it looks like Holly is hoping for more than one little baba on the scene.

While the pair aren't living together rn, Holly revealed: "I think I'll move to Manchester next year," which is where Jacob currently has an apartment.

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