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Entries are organized alphabetically by pro- gram title and cover network, cable, syndi- cated prime time, late night, daytime and Saturday morning programs.

In addition to regular series, aired and unaired pilot films are also included — the one-time-only programs for potential series that never achieved a weekly commitment.

Stories relate the Miller's struggles to adjust to a lifestyle that contradicts their religious ways. Montgomery {Sarah Miller), Samantha Mathis {Roseanne Miller), Erin Chase {Martha Miller), Scott Curtis {Frank Miller), Kathleen York {Susannah Lo Verde), Jessica Walter {Connie Lo Verde), Christo- pher Gartin {Mickey Lo Verde). Unlike their 1950s series {The Abbott and Costello Show) the situations in which Bud and Lou become involved are not drawn from their movies; instead, the new series involve Bud and Lou in a variety of predicaments. The Fields Rooming House at 214 Brookline Avenue in Hollywood, Cal- ifornia, is owned by Sidney Fields, a patient and un- derstanding man who tries to run "a nice, quiet and decent" establishment. She was first married to Justin (Saffy's father), then Michael, the father of her virtually un- seen gay son. Patsy, real name Eurydice Colette Stone, is a bas- tard child.

Voice Cast: Bud Abbott {Bud Abbott), Stan Irwin {Lou Costello). He tries but the tenants com- plain about "those two hoodlums you have living here." Those "hoodlums" are Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, out of work actors who are struggling to survive on what jobs they can find (or more aptly put, what jobs Bud can find for Lou). She and Eddy were childhood friends and Patsy, always neglected by her mother, was literally raised by Eddy's mother.

Hillary, a gorgeous blonde, held jobs in accordance with what the episode called for (for example, nurse, den- tal assistant, waitress, lawyer's office receptionist, owner of the B-Bar-B Ranch in Texas, and owner of a haunted castle at Goblins Knob, which she inher- ited from her Uncle Montague). Guest Cast: Mindy Cohn {Natalie Greene), Charlotte Rae {Edna Garrett), Bill Galligan {Michael "Mongo" Moran), Eddie Deezen {Gursky), Barbara Stock {Nurse Burton), Kenny Tessel {Chester). They find little of what they are looking for when they befriend Mr. He likes to incorporate the technical "gizmos" they have available to them (like the thermal scan- ner — which can monitor buildings for activity). She has the codename Springboard and is basically a non-field operative (she is based at headquarters). Jerry will reside there on weekends to be with Sandy, and Susannah will care for Sandy during the week and not pay rent.

When Hillary calls on Lou she brings him cream puffs. (Ambassador Otis), Michael Redgrave (Simon de Canterville), Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Carver, a retired criminal lawyer who still feels the need to seek justice. Carver hires Patrick and Greg to gather the evidence he needs to defend his clients. Marcos is an undercover agent for the Mexican government who poses as a cab driver but works with the H. The series revolves around the problems that befall an "Accidental Family." Marty Warren is Jerry's manager; Irv Webster is Jerry's father; Hank is Susannah's ex-husband.

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A writers' strike (October 2007 to February 2008) delayed their premieres until 2008. Also: Harry Bellaver, Ralph Chambers, Mary Collins, Dorothy Emery, Lucille Fenton, Viola Fran, Vinton Hayworth, Earl Mac Donald, John Mc Kee, Wendell Phillips, Grandon Rhodes, Morton Stevens. Stories follow Henry's misadventures as he seeks ways to utilize Flubber to benefit mankind. Henry has a dog named Newton and Harry Ander- son and Jay Johnson provide the voice for Albert, Henry's computer. Cast: Harry Anderson {Henry Crawford), Mary Page Keller {Ellen Whitley), Bibi Osterwald {Mrs. The British produced series re- lates the fun-loving antics of Eddy and Patsy as they do what they want to do — enjoy life by any means they can.Lou was born in Paterson, New Jersey, and men- tioned that he helps support his sister and three nieces. The story of John Connors, a biographer, and his search for a deceased novelist's personal papers — now jealously guarded over by his last mistress. A late night attempt by ABC to put a dent in the ratings of NBC's Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. She is not only a smoker and drinker, but also a nymphomaniac and an ex (and aging) model.Bud, who gets the hiccups when he's nervous, mentioned that he was a professional loafer (one who makes bread; not, as Lou believes, one who gets paid for doing nothing). Five 90-minute stories were presented: L I Never Said Goodbye (12/3/73). A police lieuten- ant's widow (Susan Maroni) risks her life to prove that her husband was not on the take at the time of his apparent suicide. A young woman's (Nora Sells) search to find her real mother. Cast: Harris Yulin (John Connors), Barbara Barrie (Tina Bordeaux), Cath- leen Nesbitt (Juliana Bordeaux), Geraldine Brooks (Mary Prest), Naomi Stevens (Maria). While the ABC show followed the same basic format (celebrity interviews) it also featured a rebel host (Les Crane) who tried to run the show the way he wanted — not the way he was told to do. Patsy also played a Bond girl in a James Bond movie.Vincent Terrace • October 2008 1 This page intentionally left blank The Encyclopedia 1 A&E Biography. An in-depth, well produced se- ries of biographical celebrity profiles (but also, on occasion, non show business figures). Aaron Miller, his wife, Sarah, and their children, Roseanne, Martha and Frank, are an Amish family who own a farm in Pennsylvania. A live program of music, song and com- edy featuring the performances by guests. Other Regulars: Ellen Whitley, the English teacher; Gus, Henry's friend; Mrs. Edina's real first name is Edwina, but she changed it when she opened her public relations firm.Host-Narrator: Jack Perkins, Peter Graves, Harry Smith, Bill Mumy. When Aaron's old- est son, Noah, is killed in a sailing accident, he uproots his family and moves to California's wine country to help Noah's pregnant girlfriend, Susannah Lo Verde, and her family (her mother, Connie and her brother Mickey). An animated series based on the characters of comedians Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, stars of vaudeville, radio, movies and television. The business is failing but Eddy puts on airs of wealth and success.

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