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If you are into romantic comedies with a bit of goofy drama and dilemmas, then check out this show!

and soon was cast in Fox's new series Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim alongside Esra Ronabar, Murat Han and Ekin Koç, portraying the character of "Aylin" with electric power.

The Geologic Time Scale is up there with the Periodic Table of Elements as one of those iconic, almost talismanic scientific charts.

Long before I understood what any of it meant, I'd daydream in science class, staring at this chart, sounding out the names, wondering what those black-and-white bars meant, wondering what the colors meant, wondering why the divisions were so uneven, knowing it represented some kind of deep, meaningful, systematic organization of scientific knowledge, and hoping I'd have it all figured out one day. The numerical or absolute geologic age is usually of much more interest, and provides much more specific information. It should be noted that the age obtained by radiometric dating is the age at which the rock attained its present form.… Since 1950, radiometric methods have been developed to a very sophisticated level in several countries, including Canada.

Sanem, a young girl with aspirations of becoming a writer, is forced by her parents to choose between an arranged marriage and finding a proper job.

Rushing into a new job at an advertising company, she soon falls for her boss, Jan.

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It has some cliches, like girl tripping and guy catching, but not enough to seem unoriginal. The chemistry between the two leads is better than I've seen in most blockbuster Hollywood movies.Later she portrayed the character of "Ayla" on Kurt Seyit ve Şura, and got a role as "Demet" in the movie Tut Sözünü.She then played the character of "Aslı" on Star TV's series Çilek Kokusu.See full summary » Baris is a very successful, attractive ,but distanced from love, divorce lawyer who feels there is nothing left to surprise him in life.Asli is a beautiful young girl who is full of life, ...

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