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“It is too early to tell whether intentional cranial modification first emerged in East Asia and spread elsewhere or originated independently in different places,” says Wang, of Texas A&M University in Dallas. A man’s skeleton with a modified skull was found in a tomb dating to between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago, based on styles of pottery found in the same sediment layer.

STRETCH MARKS Oddly shaped human skulls discovered in northeastern China, including this approximately 6,000-year-old example from a child, point to millennia of intentional cranial reshaping in East Asia, researchers say.

Ancient tombs in China have produced what may be some of the oldest known human skulls to be intentionally reshaped.

Skull modification occurred over a longer stretch of time at the site than at any other archaeological dig, the researchers report online June 25 in the Permanent reshaping of a skull early in life, when cranial bones are soft, can be achieved by compressing an infant’s head with one’s hands.

Binding the head with hard, flat surfaces such as boards or tightly wrapping the head in cloth similarly remodels immature cranial bones.

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