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Linked In warns against adding complete strangers to your network, or accepting an invitation from someone you don't have a trusted relationship with. To turn a contact into a connection you need to invite that person to join your network and they need to accept.Likewise, for another person to add you to their network they need to invite you and you need to accept.As young adults continue to wait longer to settle down, they tend to move and grow distant from the communities and institutions that traditionally led to relationships — creating a void technology has helped fill, Jessica Carbino, a sociologist at Bumble told Axios.What's next: Demographers worry about the potential economic impacts from the falling fertility rates — like delayed retirement, overburdened systems for elderly care and slowed economic growth. What they're saying: Why it matters: The delay in achieving traditional markers of adulthood have contributed to falling fertility rates in many wealthy nations, raising concerns about the ultimate economic impact of a shrinking future generation.Just a century ago, for most heterosexual Americans at least, "there was no such thing as an urban tribe, or living in a city and meeting people.If you found the contact through a name search or advanced search, Linked In has to verify that you really know this person before it will allow you to send the invitation.

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Connections imply that you know the person well or that they're a trusted business contact.

Regardless of who invites who, when an invitation is accepted, both parties are automatically added to each other's list of connections.

There are several ways to send an invitation through Linked In.

Details: The update adds sexual orientation to Tinder's standard onboarding process and users can also choose up to three words to describe their sexual orientation in their profiles.

Between the lines: Tinder worked with GLAAD on the new options, as it did back in 2016, when it worked to improve the experience for transgender daters.

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