Mandating drug testing

The name Alia is a variant of a Hebrew word which means “to ascend” it embodies all that we stand for—the highest standard for accuracy in clinic collections, 24/7 mobile operations, business-to-business due diligence, and all the other related services that we provide.Without a doubt, we are confident that we can help you meet your DOT and NON-DOT program goals while offering you improved efficiency, reduced exposure to risk, remarkable personal service, and the latest technology.Mandated employee DOT drug testing rules apply to DOT agencies, which include FAA, FMCSA, FRA, FTA, PHMSA and USCG.“Each have industry specific regulations which in total cover approximately 12.1 million transportation employees who perform safety-sensitive functions.” Though each industry varies and DOT-mandated employees working in one of these industries should fully understand their industry’s specific regulations, there are some regulations that employees should be familiar with.Plus, our high-tech system helps prevent collector mistakes and incorporates customer-specific processes so clinic staff perform the proper tests and follow the correct exception procedures.Hiring Speed Our instrumented rapid drug screening technology gives you negative test results within 15 minutes of test completion.

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Whether for child custody, DUI or probation testing, we will report results directly to the courts, or results can be faxed to a probation officer, the court or your attorney.Our strict chain of custody creates security for the donor–and confidence for you.With us, you know what happens from beginning to end.The mandated employee DOT drug testing rules were put into place in 1991 when The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act passed.This act sought to reduce the rising number of accidents by putting mandatory drug and alcohol testing into place for safety-sensitive employees.

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