Mandating organ donation

Read the July 2018 Grant Bulletin (PDF - 957 KB) to learn about research projects that brought organ and tissue donation education to African Americans in their fraternities, sororities, and churches.These projects added 505 new registrations to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry.Need to educate ESRD patients about their transplant options?The January 2018 Grant Bulletin (PDF - 194 KB) highlights two grant projects that found that tailoring living donor kidney transplant education to patients’ readiness to pursue living and deceased donation can result in more knowledgeable patients who are more willing to take steps toward transplantation.The projects summarized in this bulletin added 4,501 donor registrations to state registries.

Find past bulletins below and sign up to receive future bulletins .Acknowledgment should at least be made that the death penalty is rarely available or applied in most industrialized western nations, except for the United States. data show an inequitable application of the death penalty with a significant evidence of racial bias particularly in the south.All western European countries, Canada, Mexico, Central and South American, with the exception of Chile, have abolished the death penalty. The data indicate that blacks are five times more likely to be sentenced to death than whites convicted of similar crimes and that the economically disadvantaged as well are more likely than the wealthy to receive the death penalty.Read the February 2019 Grant Bulletin (PDF - 284 KB) to learn strategies for creating postal mail campaigns to prompt new donor designations.The 15 direct mail campaigns summarized added more than 10,800 organ, eye, and tissue donors to state registries.

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