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Students work on each other's problem, ask the "expert" student questions...and when you feel the energy change to socializing tell them to SWITCH!**The original “Speed Dating” in Math Class idea came from the amazing Kate Nowak.She does it a bit differently, where each student is an expert on a certain problem and then explains it to others.

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Speed dating is a great review or practice game for all students. This is a great way to level work, at least initially.Idea credit & a great description here: problems are printed, and the solutions are photocopied to the back. Tell them to solve it, ask you questions, and truly understand their work.Then surprise them by telling them to check their answer on the back of the card.I have a wife and 2 little rascals (2 and 3 yrs old).At first glance, I may seem to be a pretty run of the mill kind of guy with a pretty run of the mill kind of family.

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