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Ewe migration narratives from Nigeria and archaeological finds in the region of Notse put the earliest appearance of Ewe speakers at c. Other research suggests the Kabye and others were the last to settle in the Kara region coming from Kete-Krachi in Ghana as recently as two hundred fifty years ago.

Parts of north Togo were for a long time under the influence of Islamic kingdoms, such as that of Umar Tal of the nineteenth century.

One fifth of the population lives in Lomé, the capital.

Kara, the second largest city, has approximately two hundred thousand inhabitants.

After World War II, the mandates passed to the control of the United Nations (UN) Trusteeship in 1946.

In 1956, in a UN-sponsored plebiscite, the British section voted to join the Gold Coast Colony as independent Ghana in 1957. During the interwar period, several organizations—including the Cercle des Amitiés Françaises, the Duawo, and the Bund der deutschen Togoländer—organized and militated in public and private against French rule.

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Missionaries arrived in the mid-1800s and set up schools and churches in the regions of Ho (present-day Ghana), Kpalimé, and Agou.

For the next three centuries the area that is Togo today was sandwiched between the two powerful slave trading kingdoms of Ashanti and Dahomey.

Consequently the Togolese population was overrepresented among those unfortunates sold into the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

The highest point is the Pic d'Agou at 3,937 feet (986 meters).

North of the mountain range is the Oti plateau, a savanna land drained by the river of the same name.

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