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Other early Colorado MB congregations were established at Pueblo, Loveland, Johnstown, Keensburg, Denver, and Brighton, but all were small and were closed by 1950.Agricultural opportunities attracted General Conference Mennonites (GCM) from South Dakota to Colorado’s Eastern Plains beginning ca. Although a Sunday school was established at Shelton, some 6-7 miles north-northwest of La Junta, in 1910, the only early Eastern Colorado settlement to have a congregation that would join the GCM’s Western District Conference was the New Friedensberg Mennonite Church in Kit Carson County, nine miles southeast of Vona. By 1954, the congregation’s membership had dwindled to 20, and the congregation stopped meeting together on several occasions during subsequent years, although it was represented regularly at the annual meetings of the Western District until 1969.Lack of financial resources, poor crops, and internal disunity were major factors that led to the failure of all three communities between 19.

Colorado is nicknamed the "Centennial State" because it was admitted to the union in 1876, the centennial year of the United States Declaration of Independence.

Harder, a professor at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas.

During the 1930s several Mennonite families from the Kleine Gemeinde Mennonite settlement in Meade, Kansas, attempted to settle in Monte Vista, some 25 miles southwest of the earlier Gibson settlement.

Agricultural potential also attracted Mennonite Church (MC) settlers to several areas of the state where churches were established.

One of the earliest was established at Thurman in Washington County, some 35 air miles east of Limon, during the late 1880s by Amish Mennonites from Milford and Shickley, Nebraska, Wayland, Iowa, and Woodford County, Illinois. Brunk, David Garber, and others established rural homes and the La Junta (1903) and East Holbrook (1908) Mennonite churches (the latter in Cheraw) which affiliated with the Kansas-Nebraska Mennonite Conference.

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