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These all relate to other Microsoft applications or Outlook extensions which are installed on your system.Their name usually reveals which application added them.I checked the list of add-ins that I have installed for Outlook and I’m a bit surprised how many I have installed.I thought I was just using “plain vanilla” Outlook without add-ins but apparently Outlook already comes with some pre-installed and some others were added by installing other applications.If you do not use that application, it is safe to disable them.The first two are not needed if you do not sync your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod with Outlook via i Tunes.Disabling add-ins added by your virus scanner is actually recommended as they are a known source for causing strange send/receive problems and don’t add an additional layer of protection anyway.

That said, let’s start: First step: Register App for Power BIWe need to register a new application that can be used to call Power BI APIs.The other add-in is not needed if you do not use i Cloud in Outlook.Virus scanner add-ins There are also various virus scanners which add an add-in to Outlook.But as you’ve probably installed these type of add-ins more consciously, we’ll leave them out of this overview.To see which add-ins you have installed and for instructions on how to disable them see: Enable/Disable add-ins The default add-ins that ship with Outlook are designed not to slow down Outlook in any way if you do not need them.

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