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The phone call was for older sister Chelsea (Laura Vandervoot).Mom, Lynette (Caroline Rhea), comes in and turns the film off sending the older kids off to do homework. She works hard, she’s raised three kids who consistently think she’s the bomb (which we know when one of them says, “Mom, you’re still the bomb”)- you’d think the least she’d get is a weekend to relax. It’s entering flu season, Chelsea, spare a thought for the prevention of colds.Unfortunately for Lynette, her two eldest kids are dicks. Adam’s a vampire-obsessive who thinks he can smooth talk every adult going- which I get some ten year olds do on Disney channel, but in the real world nobody likes that kid who blatantly reads his report out of a magazine article. She also has a hideous pink jacket but I too have one of those so I’ll let that slide.He gets Taylor home and he and Chelsea go to save mom. It is then a standard family comedy with a vampire twist. The kids are all good but it is the adults that, for me, steal the show.

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Who cares if Lynette’s happy on her own and Chelsea has a boyfriend? Lynette’s vampire date is meant to be way suave, which understandably doesn’t happen because it’s a Disney movie and this is about as suave as they get.

Again the hunter aspects are almost hunter-lite, after all this is a kid’s film and blood is not on the menu.

The lore we do get, as well as no reflections, is the fact that vampires have some serious eye-mojo but the resultant trance can be broken by true love.

She does eat ice cream straight out of the tub though, which is a dick move.

After they’re both grounded (Adam for the report fiasco, Chelsea for gloating- somehow they’re equal offences now), they decide the only way to sneak out to the harvest festival is to set Lynette up on a date.

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