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When the network is relatively stable, incremental updates are sent to avoid extra traffic and full dump are relatively infrequent.In a fast-changing network, incremental packets can grow big so full dumps will be more frequent. If two routes have the same sequence number then the route with the best metric (i.e. Based on the past history, the stations estimate the settling time of routes.Each route update packet, in addition to the routing table information, also contains a unique sequence number assigned by the transmitter. The stations delay the transmission of a routing update by settling time so as to eliminate those updates that would occur if a better route were found very soon.The Wireless Routing Protocol (WRP) [Murthy96]is a table-based distance-vector routing protocol.It also contains the downstream neighbor of z through which this path is realized.The Routing table of node x contains the distance of each destination node y from node x, the predecessor and the successor of node x on this path.A mobile host communicates with a bridge in the network (called base station) within its communication radius.

Next two sections discuss current table-driven protocols as well as on-demand protocols.

Each node in the network maintains a Distance table, a Routing table, a Link-Cost table and a Message Retransmission list.

The Distance table of a node x contains the distance of each destination node y via each neighbor z of x.

A full dump sends the full routing table to the neighbors and could span many packets whereas in an incremental update only those entries from the routing table are sent that has a metric change since the last update and it must fit in a packet.

If there is space in the incremental update packet then those entries may be included whose sequence number has changed.

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