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As I hesitated she told me to suck on her breasts like I used to when I was a kid and came near me.She then lay down on one side facing me and pushed her negligee open for me to access her breasts.My penis was hard and after she came out I had the plates ready and mom was still wearing the same thing.She sat down and crossed her legs and told me that I should have given her more time to change and cover up and blamed me. My mom blurted out that that was the only thing she had to wear immediately as she had dropped it before having sex with dad last night.The guy rang the bell again when mom asked me to open and I let him in.When he walked in, I turned around and walked behind him and what I saw is still burned into my brain.When the guy rang the bell again I got up slowly and walked towards the door.

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Moms nipples were now turning hard with him staring at her.

I told her that she had asked me to open the door and she denied it completely. For some reason I used to sleep on the same bed with my parents until I turned 18 and my parents used have a lot of sex at night knowing I was right next to them.

Last night, while I was on the bed with my mom and dad, my mom playfully asked me to suck on her breasts.

Mom blushed and came near us and took the bill and the pen from him.

Both of us were a foot away from her near naked body when mom couldn't sign standing, she immediately turned around and placed the bill on the coffee table and bent over to sign it.

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