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However, trying to mess with the firmware of your GPS device is a gamble that may end up being detrimental to your device not just in terms of configuration, if something goes wrong, but also you will be nullifying the warranty if it is still valid.Always make sure you download maps from reliable sources.If you are unable to locate a dealer or website where authentic compatible SD cards are available for your device, it would be more sensible to invest in a new device altogether.Suppose you are facing technical issues with your device as well (some users have known to complain that the device hangs or freezes, and this sometimes coincides with the fact that the maps have become outdated, as the navigator displays a message asking you to update them), check if the device you own is still under warranty.

Download and start better managing your business in less than 2 minutes.There have been three versions of hand control available for the Nex Star GPS: Determining Versions With hand control version 1.6 or higher, you will find a Version option on the Utility menu.If you don't find a Version option on the Utility menu, you have hand control version 1.2 and motor control version 1.0 or 2.0.Step 5 If your device is supported, return to the home page of the website, and from the list of links, click on the third one; " is a utility that is available only for Windows users.It acts as an interface to allow you to smoothly import maps onto your GPS device.

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