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Voice your opposition to HB 1217 (webcam notarization) by completing the form below.

Webcam notarizations bound by the technology required in this bill will eliminate the need for thousands of notaries in the State of Texas, notaries who are your constituents.

HB 3309 will allow only a few high-tech companies to perform remote notarizations from a few remote locations (similar to calling centers).

The use of webcam notarization will compromise notarial acts.

Your email (personalized with your information) will be received by each member of Texas Senate voting on this bill.There's no need to install any drivers from a CD! Central 3 Lite software lets you capture and share HD 720p video on Facebook™ and You Tube® and much more.You can also experience clearer voice chats with its integrated noise-canceling microphone that removes unwanted background noise.A failure to require the physical presence of the signer contradicts Chapter 121.004(a) of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, which requires the signer to appear personally before the notary.A notary's duty is to ensure that the signer is competent, is not being coerced, and is signing the document freely and willingly.

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